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The Dispatch Misstates Vaccine Infertility Risk
Khaya Himmelman, The Dispatch
NYT’s David Leonhardt Invents Facts to discredit Capitol Protest
David Leonhardt, New York Times
NPR Ignores Video Evidence to Push False Race Narrative
Brakkton Booker, National Public Radio
WashPost Wrong to say Trump made 30k misleading statements
Glenn Kessler, Washington Post
The Intercept falsely undermines legacy of former radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh
Jon Schwarz, The Intercept
NPR selectively quotes from report to hurt Republican Congressman
Bill Chappell, National Public Radio
NYT Claims Antifa Members Not Involved in Capitol Attack, Forgets Claim they Don’t Have Members
Davey Alba, Michael Grynbaum, New York Times, Reid Epstein
Wall Street Journal misrepresents Trump border policies to boost Biden
Michelle Hackman, Tarini Parti, Wall Street Journal
Snopes Gets Pissy about Urinals, Lies about Portland Bathroom Policies
Dan MacGuill, Snopes
Quartz Uses Foreign Intelligence Officer to Opine on Capitol Siege, Doesn’t Disclose It
Amanda Shendruk, Anne Quito, Quartz
Snopes Moves Guam Across Globe through Sheer Willpower
Dan MacGuill, Snopes
Dispatch Uses their own Ignorance as Evidence to Debunk Voter Fraud
Khaya Himmelman, The Dispatch
Medium Writer Calls his Opinions about Jefferson “Facts”
Medium, Salman Ali
WashPost lies about Sidney Powell, her Voter Fraud Court Claims
Aaron Blake, Washington Post
Dispatch Exonerates Mask Wearing, Ignores Evidence
Khaya Himmelman, The Dispatch
Salon Keeps Lying about Capitol Protest, Weapons, Double Standards
Jon Skolnik,
CBS News hopes ATL spa shooter is racist, makes up facts to make him one
April Siese, CBS News, Li Cohen
NYT Murders the Gun Debate with Semantics, Exaggeration
David Leonhardt, New York Times
CBS News lies with Statistics to Overplay “Surge” in Asian Hate Crime
CBS News, Paulina Smolinski
Fox News Quotes a Former Congresswoman to say DOJ Target is Guilty, Doesn’t Disclose Same Source was former DOJ Spokeswoman
Fox News, Ronn Blitzer
WashPost Redefines Words to Avoid Calling Biden a Liar
Ashley Parker, Washington Post
Time Condemns American Racism After Atlanta shooting, Ignores Facts
Cady Lang, Time Magazine
Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro Misstates Law, Facts, in Chauvin Verdict
Fox News Channel, Jeanine Pirro
USA Today Debunks Vaccine Microchips, Ignores Evidence
Elizabeth Weise, Matthew Brown, USA Today
Indy100’s Greg Evans Wrongly Calls Rep. Boebert a Hypocrite for Noting the Obvious
Greg Evans, Indy100
Dispatch Denies Bill Gates Controls Global Fund, Global Fund Disagrees
Khaya Himmelman, The Dispatch
NBC Late Night’s Seth Meyers Slanders Rep. Gaetz, Debases Self
Late Night, Seth Meyers
NPR Reporter Upset that Communists’ Right to Advocate Killing Cops is Unpopular
Alan R. Espinoza, National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting System, Virginia Public Media
WashPost Complicit in Giuliani Smear, Alleges FBI Warning last fall that Rudy Completely Denies
Ellen Nakashima, Shane Harris, Tom Hamburger, Washington Post
Insider Calls all Criticism of Bill Gates a “Conspiracy Theory” despite facts
Insider, Rachel Greenspan
NPR’s Bill Chappell Assumes Interracial Disputes are Always Racism
Bill Chappell, National Public Radio
Politifact’s Madison Czopek Spreads No-Risk Misinformation about Vaccine, Fertility Risks
Madison Czopek, Politifact
Politifact’s Amy Sherman Spreads Misinformation, Lies about Jan. 6 Capitol Protest
Amy Sherman, Politifact
NPR Ignores Daunte Wright’s Criminal History, Spreads Misinformation
Becky Sullivan, National Public Radio
NBC’s Jane Timm Writes Completely Unbalanced News on Arizona Election Audit
Jane C. Timm, NBC News
WashPost uses ‘Guilt by Geography’ to Falsely Link Texas with Alleged Capitol Violence
Annie Gowen, Washington Post
Duncan Slade in NPR West Virginia Theorizes Gay Youth Might Move Away Due to State Laws, Can’t Find Any, Publishes Story Anyway
Duncan Slade, National Public Radio, West Virginia Public Broadcasting
Leon Wolf at the Blaze Uses Doublespeak to Exonerate Fauci
Leon Wolf, The Blaze
Mother Jones’ Andrea Guzman uses Three Anonymous Workers to Speak for All Retail Workers Being “Pissed Off” about Ending Store Mask Mandates
Andrea Guzman, Mother Jones
Snopes’ Dan Evon Lies About Biden Relationship Origins, Inspires Politifact, AFP to Repeat the Lie
Agence Frence-Presse, Ciara O'Rourke, Dan Evon, Distractify, Joseph Allen, Manon Jacob, Politifact, Snopes
PolitiFact’s Brandon Mulder calls Sen. Cruz ‘liar’ with almost no Evidence
Brandon Mulder, Politifact
NYT’s Alice Callahan Ignores Benefits of BMI for Healthy Living
Alice Callahan, New York Times
NPR’s Barbara Sprunt Pushes False Leftist Narrative on Anti-Asian Violence
Barbara Sprunt, National Public Radio
USA Today’s Rick Rouan Hypes Masks, Misunderstands Science
Rick Rouan, USA Today
Media has No Standards for Phrase “Surge in Gun Violence” but Loves using it Anyway
WashPost’s Tim Bella on Bryant Eulogy Missing Facts, Context
FactCheck, Timothy Bella, Washington Post
NYT’s Katie Benner Avoids Inconvenient Facts to Promote Kristen Clarke
FactCheck, Katie Benner, New York Times, Pulitzer Winners

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