CHRONIC LIAR: Biden Lies about Being a Trucker

  • Tells a group that “I used to drive an 18 wheeler” even though he clearly never has
  • Left-wing media defenders pathetically try to spin as though he meant he once rode in one

OUR RATING: #FakeNews. This is what you’d expect on CNN playing to an empty airport.

Indicted Outlet: Joseph Biden | U.S. President | Link | Archive | 7/28/21

Joe Biden recently claimed while touring a Mack Truck facility in Pennsylvania that he previously drove an 18-wheeler.

Nowhere in his official biography does he list that he was a former trucker, he’s flagrantly lying about this. The odds of this being even remotely true are zero. The White House is apparently trying to spin this, to the benefit of their media allies, as him meaning to say that he once rode in an 18 wheeler, and then alternatively that he once drove a school bus which does not have 18 wheels. [1][2][3][4][5][12]

Major Violations:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Lying
  • Misusing a word

basic math: the bane of the Biden administration

When the White House says that he ‘rode’ in an 18 wheeler in 1972, they know they are lying. They are misrepresenting the Biden statement to try and defend their boss. When they try to spin this as saying he meant to say that he drove a school bus, they are misusing a word. An 18 wheeler is not a school bus. 

Biden has long lied about his professional resume. [6] He lied about being arrested in South Africa with Nelson Mandela. [7] He was caught plagiarizing speeches and lying about his record causing him to drop out of the 1988 Presidential race. [8]

There’s a decent chance that he lied about the circumstances under which he met current-wife Jill. [9]

As we previously fact-checked, Biden lied about the circumstances of his prior wife Neilia’s death. [10]

Biden lies about his golf score. [13] Biden lies with even the steps that he takes. [14]

Biden has been a chronic liar his entire career about his entire career, but lately many of his statements seem to be revealing his likely dementia and reduced mental capacity. [11]

Even Biden’s “trucker hats” look fitting only in a Prius.

OUR RATING: #FakeNews. This is what you’d expect on CNN playing to an empty airport.


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