Snopes Doubts Authenticity of Ashley Biden Diary even though Ashley Admits Its Real, Because DOJ Hasn’t Told Them What to Think

  • Alex Kasprak is an ‘investigative journalist’ who writes stories denying the accuracy of something because the government won’t confirm it
  • Even though all the evidence shows that the Ashley Biden diary is true, he still doubts it because he hasn’t gotten it officially verified on the record from the government

  • This kind of common, pathetic, simping for the government is now the norm for left media as evidenced by rewashing mouthpieces like Kasprak

OUR RATING: #FakeNews. This is what you’d expect on CNN playing to an empty airport.

Indicted Outlet: Alex Kasprak | Snopes | Link | Archive | March 27, 2023

Joe Biden has an infamous son named Hunter. Hunter is a full-time criminal who enjoys hookers, cocaine, guns, dressing up as a cop, cocaine, hookers, billion-dollar deals. Needless to say, Hunter is the flashy one of the family.

Ashley is not as well known. She has a series of make-work jobs that don’t trade on her famous father nearly as shamelessly as her brother.

Ashley rented a condo in Florida. When she moved out, she left things behind. One of the things she left behind, was her personal diary. The landlord found the abandoned property and sold it to Project Veritas for a little bit of money. Project Veritas declined to publish the diary, which highlighted ‘inappropriate showers with Dad’ in one of the entries, among other mental problems such as sex addiction, depression and ongoing counseling and struggles suffered by her as part of being in a famous family. Ashley blamed her father for sexualizing her at a young age causing her a variety of problems in life.[8]

Nevertheless, the Biden Department of Justice has been trying to indict various figures from the supposed ‘theft’ of the Biden diary since 2020.

The media, so as to avoid reporting on the contents of the diary, has said that it was ‘unverified’ even though the DOJ was trying to prosecute people for taking possession of the diary. The media’s gaslighting operation to keep the diary’s contents out of the news has been steady and non-stop, and entirely unreasonable.

The diary has been, and is obviously confirmed, in a variety of different ways.

Major Violations:

  • Government Genuflect
  • Decontextualization
  • Ignoring Primary Sources
  • Collective Guilt
  • Missing Context
  • Superficial Investigation

The most glaring major violation here is, of course, the ‘government genuflect‘ and that is when a reporter refuses to believe something unless the government specifically confirms that fact.

Everything else indicate that something is wrong or that an answer is one way? If the government says otherwise you just trust the government.

For modern journalism this mindset and attitude is ridiculous. And to be fair, the left doesn’t believe this either: they weren’t taking guidance from the Trump or Bush administrations in the past generation. But they act this way when it suits their purposes and when the people in power share their predilections.

If I like the people lying to me in power: they must be telling the truth.

Just to be clear that this is exactly what Alex Kasprak at Snopes is doing, let’s quote him liberally:

SUBHEADLINE: “Plenty of evidence and reporting suggests it is likely real, but that doesn’t mean the government has publicly stated an opinion on it.”

“While there is circumstantial evidence and reporting that strongly suggests a diary allegedly belonging to Ashley Biden is authentic, no law enforcement or government agency has “confirmed” its authenticity, or its contents.”

“Claims that a court or special master have made statements that confirm the diary’s authenticity are a misreading of legal documents.”

LEAD PARAGRAPH: “On Oct. 26, 2020, obscure right-wing outlet National File published what it alleged to be the entire contents of a diary kept by U.S. President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, when she lived in Delray Beach, Florida. Purportedly left behind in the apartment she was staying in, the diary was quickly passed around among some anti-Biden activists, where it has become the source of claims of abuse and trauma she endured by the president, among other things.”

“The government, in other words, has not stated a view on the authenticity of the diary published by National File, and the lawyer representing Ashley Biden has declined to confirm its authenticity. Simply put, nobody in a position to officially “confirm” the authenticity of that document has made such a declaration.”

Here are the critical two paragraphs at the end of the article justifying their rating that these claims that the Diary is authentic are “false” in their words:

“This is ultimately how the alleged Biden diary ended up in the hands of the federal government in the first place. All of these relevant facts aside, though, no government official, prosecutor, or judge has explicitly “confirmed” that the diary published by National File is authentic.

These claims are regularly raised whenever there is movement in the criminal case against Project Veritas. Such opportunities allow for short-lived virality and new attention to a story whose publicly known facts have not changed for at least a year, but they are never accurate. For these reasons, we rate this claim as ‘False.'”

Let’s go through all the reasons why this position is just ridiculous for Snopes to take:

  1. The government is proposing to indict people for stealing a fake diary? Of course it’s real if the DOJ is threatening to prosecute people for possessing a diary.
  2. There’s an obvious chain of custody that shows how the diary was obtained and where it went. There’s a logical story that connects from Ashley Biden to the purported diary.
  3. No serious person is doubting the authenticity of the diary.
  4. The political debate is not over whether or not the diary is accurate, it’s whether it should be prosecuted or not.
  5. A court filing isn’t the same as an idle conversation. Attorneys have a ‘duty of candor’ to the court, meaning that they cannot put forward false or deceptive positions, statements, or factual assertions. If someone was asserting the diary was true, they would be subject to sanctions if they were caught lying to a judge.
  6. In the summer of 2023, Project Veritas released voicemails from Ashley Biden further confirming the diary’s authenticity. [1]
  7. The diary was leaked in fall 2021 to the National File [3], who then published the document. Is it reasonable to think that they were duped into publishing a fake document? No.
  8. Left-wing outlets accused Project Veritas of ‘extorting’ Biden for an interview by holding the diary hostage.[4] Would the President be fooled into an interview by a fake diary? No.
  9. The FBI and DOJ took the very extreme step of raiding James O’Keefe’s residence and those of other Project Veritas journalists.[5][9][10] Would they have done so for the sake of a fake diary? No.
  10. People plead guilty as part of a plea deal in the summer of 2022[6][7], whereas Snopes is ‘debunking’ this story in March of 2023. Would people take plea deals to fake diaries? Would the court accept a plea deal from someone pleading guilty to ‘stealing’ a fake diary? No.

Snopes says that simply reading the court documents isn’t enough and it’s confusing since the Project Veritas attorneys are possibly lying or not being fully candid. But of course this is just being willfully ignorant of how the court operates, which precludes one side’s attorneys from lying this much about a critical issue. [2][11]

There’s also no evidence to support his position that the diary’s authenticity is even in reasonable dispute. He infers a controversy where there isn’t one, by claiming that since the government hasn’t confirmed it, it must be true.

This is a way of saying that everything must be verified by the government to be considered accurate, an impossible standard. If a government agent refuses comment or declines to comment, does that mean the subject is in dispute? Of course not. This is an outrageously extreme position to take.

What’s going on here is that Snopes is a key leader in the ‘fact check industrial complex’ and their ratings are used by social media companies to both suppress the links and stories from being shared and highlighted, promoted, amplified on social media, but the promotion of ‘disinformation’ is also then used to punish outlets that report the truth. Enough ‘false’ ratings from Snopes gets a publication on an advertising blacklist that prevents them from getting more ad revenue, punishing them in their pocketbooks for daring to tell the truth.

Snopes is dishonestly fact checking this article because it wants to suppress this story and it wants to financially punish the outlets that dare to report it.

Snopes is the posterboy for fakenews, and the way in which they operate to perpetuate it is disgraceful and shameful. The Biden diary’s authenticity was never reasonably in doubt.

OUR RATING: #FakeNews. This is what you’d expect on CNN playing to an empty airport.

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