EXCLUSIVE: Two Videos Disproving Leftist Lies about Republicans on Election Night 2020 Being Excluded from TCF Center

As part of our reporting and fact-checking on lying leftists who claim that Republicans at the TCF Center in Detroit were either:

  • Trying to ‘storm’ the building, or
  • Trying to ‘intimidate’ election workers, or
  • Violating the ‘privacy rights’ of election workers, or
  • ‘Threatening violence’

These various left-wing lies rely on a lack of available video evidence that shows the truth of what happened.

The mainstream media also adds in their own lies about this moment by claiming, without evidence, that:

  • Democrats were also kicked out – NOT TRUE
  • Democrats weren’t let back in – NOT TRUE
  • The Republican group was dangerous – NOT TRUE
  • The building was ‘at capacity’ – NOT TRUE
  • There were valid reasons to ban the Republicans because of COVID – NOT TRUE

We have patiently gone through all of these lies and memes to debunk each of them.

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

These two videos were shared with the Gateway Pundit in response to our fact check about the claims made by Twitter leftist Phil Schneider lying about the incident, claiming Republicans were lying that the goal of the pizza boxes were meant to obscure the view of Republicans.

The first video shows the “Stop the Steal” chant. It is 2:00 minutes long. It shows that the group was being loud but not dangerous. It also shows the police presence at all times, disproving the claim that the group was violent or instigating violence:

The second video is 4:00 long and shows that the people assembled were peaceful and not being let in, even though plenty of other individuals were being let in and out. You can see a wide variety of mainstream media present who were solely focused on the Republicans and ignoring the vote count happening all around them.

These videos are an important part of debunking the continuing left-wing lies about election night 2020 and the Big Steal.

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