Indy100’s Greg Evans Wrongly Calls Rep. Boebert a Hypocrite for Noting the Obvious

  • Evans calls her a hypocrite, doesn’t understand the definition
  • Claims there was no chance for riots, even though every major city was preparing for them
  • Dishonest molestation of grammar by Evans in order to slime Rep. Boebert

OUR RATING: Major Negligence. MSNBC-level basic journalistic negligence

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There are certain right-wing politicians who clearly get under the skin of liberal journalists. A decade ago, it was Governor Sarah Palin. This season, it is Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. This neurosis is so severe that it causes them to obsess with entire articles over individual Tweets from these women.[1]

And that obsession also causes them to make mistakes when critiquing these female leaders. The journalists play certain predictable games with attribution and grammar in order to make a complaint even where there isn’t one, they make controversy about moments that don’t deserve the histrionics. 

Greg Evans with the Indy100 site does this when complaining about Rep. Boebert’s recent tweets involving the Derek Chauvin trial, where he presents an unbalanced, partisan article that ignores important context and misuses words to lodge his predictable complaint.

Major Violations:

  • Unbalanced
  • Partisan
  • Missing Context
  • Misusing a Word
  • Lying Headline

Here’s what Rep. Boebert said about Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who was traveling to Minnesota to politically agitate in advance of the verdict in the Chauvin trial: [2]

Lauren Boebert @laurenboebertApr 18

Why is Maxine Waters traveling to a different state trying to incite a riot? What good can come from this?

It’s notable that Evans did not quote Boebert directly in his article. Whenever a journalist is writing an article responding to source material without giving a reader the most basic quote or link to that source material, it’s usually because they are fundamentally misquoting and selectively quoting that material.

Here’s what Journalist Greg Evans said about Boebert:

However, despite [Boebert’s] fears of a riot in Minnesota, no violence materialised after Chauvin was found guilty.

What makes Boebert’s comments so interesting was that she wasn’t too concerned about inciting a riot when it came to Donald Trump.

Nevermind that there was plenty of violence in Minnesota, but that it was all, instead, blamed on the other recent racial passion play of Daunte Wright. [3] I suppose for political violence to properly count, the British liberal journalists expect the protesters to politely identify themselves and the specific cause and grievances they are expressing through force.

Evans then quotes a series of tweets by Rep. Boebert, of which this one is perhaps the most spicy:

The Founding Fathers didn’t back down when people told them what they could and could not do.

With that in mind, I won’t be backing down from this election integrity fight.
— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) January 4, 2021

Evans calls Rep. Boebert a hypocrite for worrying about BLM riots, when she was saying she was going to ‘fight’ for election integrity two days prior to the infamous Capitol protest.

Let’s define hypocrite: [4]

1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion

2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

Would any reasonable person think that Rep. Boebert, by saying she wanted to fight for election integrity two days prior to the Capitol protest, argue that she was rallying troops to siege the Capitol building? This is beyond silly to even argue. 

And frankly it shows that Evans himself is putting on a “false appearance of virtue.”

What Evans is doing is making a false comparison, aka a false dichotomy, between the overt expressions of violence by Rep. Maxine Waters and the political left to pressure the Chauvin Judge and Jury to render a guilty verdict, with some pretty vanilla tweets by a Republican Congresswoman concerned about election integrity.

For comparison, here is what Rep. Maxine Waters recently said that some are saying was an advocacy of political violence:

“If nothing (happens), then we know … we’ve got to not only stay in the streets, that we’ve got to fight for justice. That I am very hopeful, and I hope that we’re going to get a verdict that is a guilty, guilty, guilty. And if we don’t, we cannot go away,” [5]

Now, a straight textual reading of both quotes may not make much distinction between the two, and that’s where this thing called context comes into play.

BLM Minneapolis was busy saying in speeches: “They gonna let us burn this whole motherf*cker to the ground” [6] The Minneapolis city government was planning for another BLM riot to rampage the city and create millions in death and destruction. [7]

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld said he was glad Chauvin was guilty even though he wasn’t guilty, because that meant his neighborhood wouldn’t riot and his home and property would be safe. [8] Were any left-wing media folks in January seriously worried about rampaging mobs of QAnons working their way through the Capital burning down their homes? 

Floyd died in Minneapolis, which is where the trial was held and was ‘fortifying’ in preparation of the verdict, [9] but even other distant major cities like Chicago were preparing for riots in the wake of the Chauvin verdict. [10] As was Texas. [11] And even Washington DC. [12] 

There are even ‘celebratory’ rioting going on to celebrate Chauvin’s conviction. [13][14]

In this video you can see a crowd violently attack a truck driver for being downtown while protesters want to block the streets. [15][16] Amusingly the media blames the trucker because he allegedly “drove aggressively.”

So, was Rep. Boebert a hypocrite for worrying about rioting? Clearly not, as even other major cities, most of whom are run by liberal black Democrats, were preparing for the rioting and whom to some extent still rioted even though the rioters got the desired verdict. 

Was Rep. Boebert a hypocrite for worrying about rioting given her pre-Jan. 6th tweets that Evans and others claim motivated the Jan. 6th Capitol siege? No, the context is completely different. Prior to Jan. 6th, the political right was not easily blamed for any riot, whereas there were at least 570 violent BLM demonstrations in 2020.[17]

Was there violence in Minneapolis during or after the Chauvin verdict? Yes, and much of it was blamed on another ongoing case in the area. [18]

Are the two statements by Rep. Boebert and Rep. Waters similar? Both tweets talk about “fighting” for something, but Boebert is talking about a political and courtroom struggle, and Waters seems to be agitating for more BLM violence on the streets if they don’t get their way. 

Journalists like Evans love obsessing about right-wing female politicians and, oddly, trying to make them seem insincere and stupid. It’s a well-worn meme and tactic, and often their complaints are near nonsense. Here, Evans just displays his partisanship and bias by equating Boebert to Waters and trying to undermine Rep. Boebert.

Evans even ends his article with this extremely unprofessional observation:

It really wouldn’t be a major American news story without a little bit of right-wing hypocrisy, would it?

When journalists make their bias this obvious, in years past, you would have hoped an editor would have restrained not only the comment, but examined the rest of their work to see if it was similarly spoiled and rotten.

OUR RATING: Major Negligence. MSNBC-level basic journalistic negligence


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