NBC Late Night’s Seth Meyers Slanders Rep. Gaetz, Debases Self

  • Left wing late night host speaks in mindless stream of consciousness left-wing memes
  • Claims like the Obama wiretapping of Trump’s 2016 team are easily proven
  • Meyers keeps implying Rep. Gaetz did something wrong, but evidence suggests he only bought a plane ticket for a young woman

OUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka the Daily Beast.

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Seth Meyers starts his monologue by saying in, “A Closer Look”, that Republicans are “intent on using the power of the state to punish critics” which is not even satire. His complaint is that some GOP Senators, whom he acknowledges are in the minority party in a government completely controlled by Democrats, talked about questioning Major League Baseball’s antitrust status. The practical effect of that status allows baseball owners to conspire with one another to keep out upstart franchises, keep salaries low, and coordinate in a way that no other industry is allowed.

USA Today was a little more even-handed, at least explaining that the MLB status was completely illogical in the first place, and the discussion among three Republican Senators did not constitute a crisis that baseball fans needed to worry much about. [1]

It’s not hard to see Meyers’ partisan and unbalanced nature already in the first minute. And the absence of a mandatory laugh track for late night performers really showcases how unfunny Meyers and his left-wing preaching has become.

Major Violations:

  • Unbalanced
  • Partisan
  • Missing Context
  • Misrepresentation
  • Opinion as Fact
  • Lying

@ 1:44, Meyers complains that: [2]

“…a President constantly tweeting psychotic all-caps stuff at 3:00AM about having his wires tapped…”

Meyers is referencing Obamagate, perhaps the largest underreported scandal of the Obama era. Trump alleged that he and his campaign had been under surveillance by the Obama administration. 

It is now uncontested that Paul Manafort, who had a residence at Trump Tower and was Trump’s campaign manager, was under active surveillance by the Obama administration. Even the Washington Post, an outlet most unfriendly to Trump, begrudgingly admits as such in a fact-check on the matter: 

While the CNN report does not support Trump’s tweets, it does raise the question of whether something Trump said was picked up as a part of the government’s surveillance on Manafort.

Clapper said it is “conceivable” that something Trump said during a conversation with Manafort was picked up by intelligence officials. But he said he was unaware of a FISA warrant on Manafort.

However, the Wall Street Journal reported that Manafort was placed under surveillance after he left the Trump campaign in the summer 2016, and that the surveillance did not involve listening to Manafort’s phone conversations in real-time. So that means Trump’s conversation would not have gotten picked up by any investigator real-time.

But even if there was real-time phone surveillance and Trump happened to be talking to Manafort, that still would not support Trump’s claims from March that Obama ordered a wiretapping of then-presidential candidate Trump’s phone in Trump Tower. [3]

Trump campaign manager and Trump Tower resident Paul Manafort was under surveillance, Trump’s conversations were possibly picked up on those intercepts, and those interceptions were then shared with the Obama intelligence community. The Post refuses to ever exonerate Trump on any issue, but the claim Trump made about his wires being tapped is undeniably true and accurate.

It is dishonest and lying for Meyers to say otherwise, and to quickly rattle this off in a list to show that Trump is ‘psychotic’ for saying so. 

@2:58 [4] Meyers repeats the “bleach inside the body” meme that left-wing activists were intent on spinning about Trump: that he advocated ‘injecting bleach’ and ‘powerful lights’ inside the body as a potential cure for COVID. 

This comes from a press conference event where different types of disinfectants were discussed, and reading the full comments in their entirety reveals what happened: Trump was asking whether there was a way to clear the skin and surfaces by using UV light. 

To their credit the Daily Wire did a very thorough fact-check on this issue, exonerating Trump’s comments and noting that there were two left-wing activists whose tweets dishonestly misquoting Trump started the left-wing meme that continues to this day. [5]

Again, this is partisan trash from Meyers, dishonest, disingenuous, and a complete misrepresentation

@3:11 Meyers then says:

“Biden’s policies are more popular. And as a result Republicans are stuck complaining that Biden doesn’t tweet enough.”

Has Biden staked out a position on major policies yet? Here’s what the New York Times considered his major policies in January 2021, there is a striking lack of details. [7]

Here is a list of what a Biden sycophant, a former Media Matters hack, says are Biden’s accomplishments so far. [8] With the exception of the stimulus, which was literally just giving people free money and which Trump did as well [9], none of the items seem especially popular or even, frankly, noteworthy. Is giving away free money ever unpopular? So what are the popular Biden policies? Spend more money on the roads? No one typically opposes that, in fact that’s what Trump ran on in 2016 and tried to pass in 2017. [10] This is major missing context.

So these aren’t “Biden’s policies” in the first place. These policies are always popular, and many of Biden’s unpopular policies like court-packing and radical environmentalism, he is having pushed by proxies. [11]

Republicans also aren’t ‘stuck’ complaining that Biden “doesn’t tweet enough.” That is a complete misrepresentation of the Republican argument: that Biden doesn’t appear in public very often, which has led many people to the reasonable suspicion that Biden is either too old or senile to run the country. [12]

@3:27 [13] Meyers says the GOP Senators are punishing “anyone” who disagrees with them, ignoring that the GOP is effectively completely out of power, it involved three Senators as discussed above, and the punishment would be directed at mega-corporations who enjoy federal, state and local subsidies to operate at all, not quite “anyone who disagrees with them.”

To find a political party that punishes “anyone who disagrees with them” you might consider, oh I don’t know, maybe the one that completely deplatforms dissidents [14] or that completely denies banking to dissident businesses, their owners, and even their owners’ spouses [15], interfering with government operations when those operations threaten their ideological interests [16], the list here is so plentiful it could go on for miles.

To even utter these words as Meyers has done, with no shame in mentioning the corporate left decade-long jihad against political conservatives, is dishonest, unbalanced, and missing context that is vital.

@4:31 [17] Meyers refers to Voter Integrity Bills as “Voter Suppression” bills. 

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion on politics, but is it fair to call these election reform efforts as “suppression” and imply that they are some conspiracy to deny the vote? 

It’s only bad if it fits the narrative. It’s only good if it fits the narrative. When Georgia passes laws that increase voter integrity, they are suppression. [18][19] When left-wing states have more restrictive voting laws, it’s just a mere technicality and not worthy of inclusion in the news reports. [20] It’s something that the media says is “technically true” while still trying to debunk the claim.

The Meyers Analysis:

  • Georgia: bad, because reasons.
  • New York: good, because reasons. But let’s not mention it just in case.

@5:13 [21] – Meyers the Constitutional scholar roundly says “alternate slates of electors are not a real thing.”

Except in 1960 in Hawaii, when they were. [22] Nixon declined to count those in his favor, he was losing otherwise, but if there had been an active legal challenge to the notorious fraud in the 1960 election that most scholars now admit was significant enough to determine the Presidential outcome, then it would have been possible.

A more dispassionate analysis appears at the Lawfare blog, which discusses what happens when there is contested slates: [23]

If so—and there is only one such certification—then there is a strong presumption that the electoral votes cast by those elections are the proper ones that should be counted, even if Congress also received votes from other slates of electors from that state. If the state has not made a “conclusive” determination, then the outcome is less predictable.

For a sober analysis of why alternative slates can be selected by legislatures, and potentially accepted by federal authorities when considering active contests to the legality of votes, the Claremont Institute has provided a good analysis. [24]

To be sure, “at any time” would likely not allow the Legislature to pick its own slate of electors after the results of a fair election which had been conducted pursuant to the Legislature’s existing statutory procedures, merely on the grounds that the Legislature would have preferred a different outcome. See Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. at 104 (“When the state legislature vests the right to vote for President in its people, the right to vote as the legislature has prescribed is fundamental”). But such is not the case when the existing procedures were not followed, and when significant statistical anomalies raise serious questions about whether the election was fair. In such cases, the “manner” for choosing electors set out by the Legislature was not followed; the constitutional default of the Legislature exercising its plenary power—or, rather, resuming that power—is therefore again at the forefront. 

@6:37 [25] – Meyers refers to “the unhinged lie of widespread voter fraud.”

It’s interesting to call something a ‘lie’ when it has never been investigated. You could call it an ‘unproven theory’ which is how most of the mainstream media prefers to call it. You could call it a ‘conspiracy theory’ to use the preferred dismissive phrasing preferred by the media, but to call it a ‘lie’ is to presume that you know for certain that there was not widespread voter fraud.

Most of the time these statements are backed up with nonsense logic such as: ‘well there is no proof!’ which is not, in itself, proof of anything. Sometimes they say that they have not seen any ‘credible’ evidence, which again supposes they did a good faith search for evidence in the first place. 

You can find every crazy theory about the JFK assassination you want, [26] and YouTube won’t deplatform you, every theory about UFO’s is ripe for analysis and speculation, [27] and you can post it on most social media platforms. You can believe the world is flat and all others are ‘spherecucks’ for believing otherwise, [28] and you will be laughed at, but your information will not be hidden from view and your employment terminated for even the most menial of jobs. But to challenge the 2020 Presidential election is to invite that kind of punishment, scrutiny, and punishment, even among so-called conservative employers. [29][30]

Yet dozens, hundreds, of individuals have come forward to allege that they personally witnessed widespread, systemic, voter fraud to such an extent that it changed the election results. [31] They witnessed it in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin. These witnesses provided their statements and testimonies. Their statements were ridiculed and dismissed, but yet they still make the same claims. Interestingly, when the surveillance video was examined, their collective memories were exactly right on many aspects of observed voter fraud, including the once-disputed claim that there was a 3:30am Biden Ballot Dump in Detroit. [32]

Twitter banned Gateway Pundit Publisher Jim Hoft not after he claimed there was a 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump, but only after he published the video evidence of the Biden Ballot Dump. [33]

A van delivering tens of thousands of ballots to Detroit’s TCF Center 8 hours after the legal deadline. Nothing to see here.

And no major outlet will investigate these claims honestly and in good faith. No court cares to hear actual evidence from plaintiffs about this in good faith. Absolutely no one wants to hear the presentation of evidence, and then people like Meyers comes along and arrogantly proclaims that there is no evidence.

In Michigan, former State Senator Pat Colbeck witnessed Dominion machines connected to a live broadcasting wireless network. [34] The on-site officials from Detroit lied and said that they were not networked. The Dominion CEO lied to the Michigan Senate and said that they were impossible to be connected to the internet. Dominion Whistleblower Mellissa Carone repeatedly said that she saw a ‘data event’ in the middle of the night, and a few hours later tens of thousands of illegal ballots arrived at the TCF Center in Detroit, ballots that were all counted and added to the totals even though they arrived to the counting boards nearly 8 hours after the legal deadline. [35]

None of that story has been disproven, and when presented in court, Judge Tim Kenny said he just didn’t find it credible and dismissed the case. The Michigan Supreme Court directed Kenny to hold a hearing to fairly consider the evidence, which he never did. 

The evidence was never heard, no competent authority ever allowed the evidence to be presented and fairly considered, and yet Meyers tells us that it is not just a theory, but a confirmed lie. This is a complete misrepresentation of the situation and the available facts.

@7:20 [36] – Meyers relays the statements of Rep. Matt Gaetz as they relate to election fraud investigations and halfheartedly dismisses everything by playing the fool:

“None of this makes sense. I can’t even follow the syntax!”

Now, what Gaetz is saying takes paying attention, but the statement isn’t complicated:

Election fraud really requires two things. One: a very large pool of unaccounted-for ballots that aren’t attached to a human. And then second is the rapid processing of those ballots. Then they exclude the observers and then just wrap those polluted ballots into a broader universe and I think that is where we are proving the fraud. 

Meyers says that none of that makes sense. And if you’re a partisan left-wing hack, of course it won’t make sense. 

But what Rep. Gaetz is describing is almost precisely what happened in Detroit:

  1. A large pool of unaccounted ballots arrived at 3:30AM in the Biden Ballot Dump
  2. They were rapidly processed, removing their unique identifying information so that no one could trace them back to an individual voter.
  3. The GOP Observers were systemically kicked out of the TCF Center on false pretenses, and the City of Detroit ordered the windows boarded up with cardboard.
  4. The illegal ballots were mixed in with the other ballots so they could not be separated, aka the polluted/illegal ballots were mixed into the ‘broader universe’ of ballots.
  5. This routine was almost the exact same in Georgia, suggesting there was a common plan and design to this conspiracy, showing that there was systemic fraud.

Seth Meyers looks like his head is too big for his face, making you think that he must be very big-brained. If you listen to him and think through what he’s saying, however, you realize its just the opposite: he just has a very sad and tiny crinkled spraytan face and no big brain.

@8:24 [37] – Meyers has a lot of production value to make a pretty simple point: Gaetz used Venmo to send money to a girl to pay for her flight.

What a scandal! Should we call it SpiritGate: what happens when you Venmo someone money for a flight! Girl that a single man is interested in get money for a flight, goes on said flight, attends a party later! Scandal! Intrigue! What could possibly happen at these crazy parties!

Luckily we are about to be told!

@9:59 [38] – Meyers tells us that Rep. Gaetz has parties with strict rules, like no phones. 

Can you imagine the indignity of the poor woman, she was given money via Venmo to attend a party, and then she was told she couldn’t stare at her iPhone for the entire party! Clearly this was just a sex and booze and cocaine party if they weren’t going to allow people to play wordscapes! The humanity!

How many degrees of Kevin Bacon would we have to play before we could connect Seth Meyers to Jeffrey Epstein? The best that Meyers can to do insinuate bad things is to say that phones were banned? How many people in the current year would want to go to a party where cell phones weren’t banned?

@11:02 [39] – Meyers again insinuates that Rep. Gaetz is doing something very naughty when he says that he went on a trip to the Bahamas with girls, but there is no allegation of sex in the investigation so far. So they try to spice it up by referencing someone as a marijuana entrepreneur. 

So let’s get this right: Rep. Matt Gaetz is accused of taking a vacation to the Bahamas, where sex may have been had by someone, or maybe someone on a nearby island thought about sex, or something sexual happened somewhere, we have no idea. And there was a guy who owns pot shops in any one of the 30+ states where pot is now legal. 

Some real hard-hitting exposes by Seth Meyers! What courage! What journalism! 

pictured: the Bahamas, sex, general naughtiness

This is the kind of insinuation trash that the left engages in every single day to destroy people they don’t like. They haven’t said anything substantive, but they can leave you with one conclusion: that Rep. Gaetz is basically Jeffrey Epstein because hey, sex + Bahamas + cute girls must mean something bad.

Imagine if the media treated Biden this way when discussing his corrupt crackhead son Hunter. 

Shouldn’t Hunter be either a ‘crack entrepreneur’ or maybe a ‘Chinese entrepreneur?’ If merely being a friend and passenger with someone is enough to cloud them with suspicion, can we make Joe answer for Hunter? Or is it just single Congressmen who have hundreds of campaign donors and local officials to spend time with, are we surprised when one happens to be a degenerate?

pictured: a crack “entrepreneur”

@12:22 [40] – Meyers tries to make a big deal out of Rep. Steve Scalise not answering tough questions about Rep. Gaetz, but when you actually listen to the clip you realize that Scalise is saying all very reasonable things and there’s nothing to the clip. 

You know, right now it seems hard to speculate on rumors. But, you know, if something really formal were to happen from Justice we would, of course, react and take action.

Meyers then claims this is evidence of Scalise being “flustered” and he tries to make a claim that Scalise is some kind of hypocrite for allowing Gaetz to “take center stage for so long.” 

Meyers complained earlier that Gaetz was impossible to understand and that his syntax was sloppy, but here Meyers is just mouthing words, injecting “house fueled ecstasy parties” as though that’s real evidence, and repeats his just stupid lines about the Bahamas and the marijuana guy. 

Are the Bahamas some secret right-wing destination that I don’t know about? Are there really good cell-phone-free parties in the Bahamas right now with right-wing women that someone is trying to keep secret? Is it being secretly funded by marijuana entrepreneurs?

@13:10 [41] – Meyers then tries to show that his analysis is correct because Rep. Gaetz is running from reporters! Oh wait, no Rep. Gaetz is calmly walking to his car and answering the abrasive media questions with a little sass.

You can observe an entry-level CNN reporter screaming questions after they see the car door close, and to Meyers that is proof of something I guess.

Here’s Meyers’ hot take:

I’d say, along with getting your phone seized, being chased down a flight of stairs by a crowd of reporters and getting hustled into the back seat of a waiting car isn’t a sign that things are going great. That’s classic corrupt-politician stuff. No one ever, in that situation, is in it for a good reason. 

That analysis sounded so much fun to watch that I was wondering what the hell I’d been watching, which is just Rep. Gaetz calmly walking down the Capitol stairs and getting into a car. There’s no chasing. The reporters aren’t even chasing behind him, they’re walking alongside him. 

pictured: someone walking, not running, and not being ‘chased’

I mean, I’m rewatching this for like the tenth time, and Gaetz’s arms are straight down. Can anyone run like that? The people walking alongside him aren’t even picking up their pace, they just striding right along. It’s pretty far from running and there’s not really a crowd. I can count five reporters, but is that a crowd or a small group?

When you see things like this, where the way the media elites relay what’s happening with what you can see with your own eyes, and they are so clearly lying about what’s going on, it really makes you wonder if you can trust them about more serious topics like election fraud and voter integrity. 

@13:31 [42] – Meyers then really caps his nearly 15-minute rant by referring to the GOP as an “authoritarian movement.”You really wonder if these people think at all before they speak. Meyers allegedly graduated from Northwestern, but daddy was in Finance so who knows if his degree was earned or bought with family money. 

In case you didn’t know, authoritarian is typically defined as:

1: of, relating to, or favoring blind submission to authority [43]

So what would blind submission to authority look like in modern America? Well, the authorities have certainly spoken time and time again on the topic of voter fraud. So blind submission to their authority would imply that you would not critique voter fraud. The authorities have certainly spoken on their absolute passion for racial politics. So blind submission would mean that you nary tolerated a single word of dissent on the topic. The elites and billionaires have certainly said with a resounding chorus that they favor neoliberalism for the masses, racial politics for its divisive qualities, and endless wars, bailouts and cronyism for corporations, so if you were to blindly accept that authority you would certainly be an authoritarian at heart. 

But when I mark up my tally sheet, I notice that Seth seems to subscribe to all those authority-driven policies. In fact, there’s almost nothing he says that isn’t reflected in our billionaires club. His father is in Finance, his mother is a teacher, his brother is an actor, that sounds like some of the highest of high privilege that can come in modern America, his life seems almost as pathetic and shallow as a poorly written character on Mad Men. 

And yet the GOP is an authoritarian movement. Isn’t that odd? It’s almost as though Seth doesn’t understand that words have meanings, and that those meanings are meant to convey specific ideas distinct from one another. 

Instead, he’s what they call “projecting” in psychology, where he blames the GOP for the political failures of Democrats who have complete control. He finds a way to blame Republicans for the idle banter of three Senators. He finds a way to lie about Republican Congressmen, and his half-baked smile tries to make these pathetic political screeds seem like a comedy routine.

Seth Meyers is what you get when you clone a troll doll with a precious moments figurine: ugliness, sadness, and no funnies.

Saving you the trouble of having to Google Image that joke.

There’s a way to pander to your base without being so on the nose, it’s a lot like being funny though, so I’m not surprised Seth Meyers doesn’t know much about it. He’s steering a late night show that used to be a fun variety program that occasionally poked fun at people’s partisan passions in a joking way. 

Now, these outlets have become the preachiest of screeds that are like a left-wing street preacher screaming at everyone walking by. There’s nothing to admire, there’s no style, no finesse, no art to his craft. It’s all pop culture references to pathetic non-controversial mainstream programming punctuated by pathetic bursts of unfunny partisan one-liners. 

We’re in late night hell, and Seth Meyers is just happy to have a platform. 

OUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka the Daily Beast.


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