Real Raw News Makes Unsubstantiated, Unrealistic Claims about Hillary, Huma, Podesta

  • A new site that has been making outlandish conspiratorial claims, does not present any credible evidence
  • The claims that major left-wing figures are under arrest, or that Trump is somehow still in control, are dishonest without significant corroboration

OUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka the Daily Beast.

Indicted Outlet: Michael Baxter | Real Raw News | Link 1, Link 2 | Archive 1, Archive 2 | 3/30/21

We are going to fact check two articles by the same author at the same outlet at the same time, because they exhibit the same fundamental flaws: outlandish claims about secret actions involving major political elites, that are only reported in this one publication.

The problem with extreme claims like this is that they ought to come with more substantiation and evidentiary backing to show that they aren’t just wild conspiracy theories. 

Here, the author and publication is making the claim that Hillary is about to be brought before a military tribunal, and Huma Abedin and John Podesta have been arrested by the military. It is disrespectful to your readers to source that to ‘anonymous sources’ and expect readers to treat it with any amount of credibility.

Major Violations:

  • Superficial Investigation
  • No Evidence to Support

Separating ‘fake news’ from legitimate media is an ongoing challenge for everyone in modern America. The mainstream media has repeatedly debased itself with scandal, partisan bias, and outright lies. Alternative media has made its own mistakes, but those are often small factual matters and rarely the entire story turning out to be wrong.

I mean, if Hillary was arrested by the military and was about to be tried for war crimes, let’s just say I want to believe but I’m just pretty skeptical.

But holy hell this website is the literal definition of a lack of credibility. It’s as though they found a way to liquify the Daily Beast, ingest it and its essential spirits, and still lather themselves in it.

The fact-check mafia is tough to depend upon for reliable news on what is and is not a legitimate site. That being said, they have declared Baxter to be a bit fishy on prior claims. [1]

The “contact” page at Real Raw News looks a bit underwhelming. [2]

The domain name was registered in April of 2020. [3]

Baxter holds himself out as a Freelancer on MuckRack, the platform for journalists to showcase their work. [4]

So let’s take this claim, from this article, which claims Huma Abedin was arrested at Easter dinner with her family in Lansing, Michigan in 2021. Huma’s Twitter account has been active since then, along with Hillary’s, so it’s a safe bet this is all a hoax. [5]

We reached out to Michael Baxter for comment, and have not heard back.

We also reached out to General Richard Clark [6] for comment about the article that mentions him arresting Huma Abedin in Lansing, Michigan on Easter 2021, and have not yet heard back. 

I hate to give them any credit, but the Poynter Institute did a solid take-down of Real Raw News and Michael Baxter. [7]

OUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka the Daily Beast.


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