SHAMELESS: WashPost Keeps Lying About Officer Sicknick Death

  • WashPost Reporter Blames Trump protesters for Officer Sicknick death, even though it was unrelated 
  • Same reporter blames pro-Trump protesters for Ashli Babbitt’s execution
  • Tries to blame deaths from natural causes on Trump supporters to smear them

OUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka the Daily Beast.

Indicted Outlet: Jaclyn Peiser | Washington Post | Link | Archive | 7/29/21

We should probably cut Reporter Jackie Peiser some ethical slack since she clearly worked too long as the discredited New York Times prior to her current gig at the Washington Post. She clearly learned a lot of bad habits, such as not checking her facts, not questioning the government’s official story, and learning to interview divergent dissident viewpoints in addition to the plain press releases she’s regurgitating. 

Peiser casually blames the Trump protesters from January 6 for the deaths of Officer Brian Sicknick, which by now has been completely debunked and discredited. And for extra fun she blames the deaths of four other Trump protesters on the Trump protesters as well, even though they were executed, two died of natural causes, and one died of a drug overdose. 

This is trash journalism and what America has come to expect from Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post. 

Major Violations:

  • Lying
  • Misrepresentation
  • Missing Context
  • Smearing

Peiser doesn’t even bother to use the name Brian Sicknick anymore, you can see her coverage of the underlying events here:

The interview with Lemon aired hours after Fanone testified before the House select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, which resulted in the deaths of one Capitol Police officer and four others. Fanone, who suffered a heart attack, concussion and traumatic brain injury, was dragged down the Capitol steps, beaten and Tasered until he shouted that he had children, inspiring a few in the crowd to protect him and pull him back up the stairs to other officers.

So let’s just hold up and think about what she wrote:

…the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, which resulted in the deaths of one Capitol Police officer and four others.

  1. There was no ‘attack on’ the Capitol. 
  2. There was no subsequent ‘death of one Capitol Police officer’
  3. There was no death of “four others” which resulted from the so-called ‘attack’

The building itself was not attacked. There was a crowd of people organized to hear a speech from the sitting President. The President did not appear, and the crowd was agitated by escalating violence coming from the Capitol Police. They outnumbered the police and the tactics, including rubber bullets, mace, and batons, failed to have the desired effect and instead provoked the crowd. As a result, some of the officers who were engaged in violently suppressing the crowd, themselves got injured. As a result, the building was breached by some in the crowd. 

This was not an ‘attack on’ the Capitol. This was a fight that the Police started that spilled into the building when they lost the fight they started. 

That’s likely why the tens of thousands of hours of security camera footage hasn’t been released and likely won’t be released: they don’t want to show the harassment and abuse from Capitol Police to peaceful protesters. 

The death of Officer Brian Sicknick was not caused by the protest. He was not hit by a fire extinguisher. He was not bleeding profusely from a fire extinguisher wound. He was not gushing blood that other officers saw clearly. The New York Times lied about all of this, and quoted sources they ought to have known better were lying to them about this most serious case of misinformation, disinformation and #fakenews in 2021. 

Sicknick died of natural causes. [1][2] His family knew he died of natural causes and were pleading with the media to stop lying about his situation and politicizing his death. [3] Sicknick was a Trump supporter. [4] 

The media has told unbelievable lies about the Brian Sicknick case for months. [5][6] 

This lie has been completely debunked and yet the Washington Post keeps slyly throwing it into its articles to see if it can fool you. 

They also want to lie about “Four other people died in the crowd”

This is another left-wing lie: the other fatalities were tied that day, other than Ashli Babbitt’s execution, to the protest. The people who died were two from drug overdoses and one from natural causes, in addition to Babbitt. 

The deaths referenced, four civilians, [7] were:

Ashli Babbitt: who was unarmed and was executed by Capitol Police as she attempted to gain entry to a hallway.

Kevin Greeson: who died of natural causes

Benjamin Phillips: who died of natural causes

Roseanne Boyland: who died of a drug overdose

Ashli Babbitt was an unarmed veteran trying to gain access to a hallway when she was executed for no reason by Lieutenant Mike Byrd. [8][9]

CNN and CSPAN covered up Byrd’s name to protect the murderer. [10] Byrd has a history of reckless actions with a gun in the U.S. Capitol. [11]

Was Byrd shooting Trump supporters at the direction of the President? If not, then it seems odd to say that Ashli Babbitt was killed as a result of the protest. She was killed because Byrd was reckless, and blaming the Trump crowd for her death is completely dishonest.

OUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka the Daily Beast.


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