The New Republic Lies about Trump’s Support among Minorities

  • Left-wing writer in the New Republic misstates Trump’s wide appeal
  • Trump expanded his support in every demographic category except white men
  • Left-wing writer still wants to claim Trump only appeals to evil racists

OUR RATING: Sloppy and Error-Filled. Your typical Friday night at Fox News, sloppy work.

Indicted Outlet: Mychal Denzel Smith | The New Republic | Link | Archive | March 2019 issue

Left-wing writers are free to voice their ignorant opinions all day long, but what they don’t get to do is to invent their own facts.

Mychal Denzel Smith in the New Republic from March 2019 invented facts when he said that Trump’s support, the only groups he did not alienate, were white evangelicals and neo-Nazis. He’s wrong on that claim, and it can be shown in a variety of ways.

Major Violations:

  • Misrepresentation
  • No Evidence to Support
  • Opinion as Fact

Here’s the key claim by Smith:

Trump has created enemies of all political stripes—anarchists, socialists, liberals, and a fair number of conservatives. The only groups he has not alienated are white evangelicals and alt-right neo-Nazis. In this way, he is a “uniter.”

In the 2020 election, over a year after Smith wrote those words, Trump had expanded his base in every demographic category except for white men, which runs directly counter to Smith’s thesis. [1]

In the 2020 election, Trump made gains among minorities from 2016. [2]

In fact, among specifically black men, a group not known for being neo-Nazis, Trump received the most support as a Republican in modern political history.

Support for the Democratic presidential candidate reached a new low among Black men this year, according to the NBC News poll of early and Election Day voters.

Eighty percent of Black men supported Joe Biden, down slightly from Hilary Clinton’s 82 percent in 2016 but significantly down from Barack Obama’s level of support among Black men in 2012 and 2008.

In Obama’s first presidential campaign, 95 percent of Black male voters and 96 percent of Black women chose him. Four years later, support from Black women remained at 96 percent for Obama’s 2012 re-election, while the figure for Black men slid to 87 percent.

In 2016, when the nominee was Hillary Clinton, Black men dropped further to 82 percent while Black women’s support for Clinton remained high at 94 percent.

As well, exit polls show that Trump did better with blacks and hispanics, among other minorities, than did Mitt Romney running as a Republican Presidential candidate in 2012. [3]

Trump did twice as well with minorities than did John McCain in 2008. [4]

Minorities have historically not supported Republican candidates. [5] That is nothing new or unique to Donald Trump.

So to make a correlation between his low support for minorities and equating that with support for neo-Nazis, is simply wrong and there is no evidence to support that claim. It’s presenting his opinion as fact and we rate it false.

OUR RATING: Sloppy and Error-Filled. Your typical Friday night at Fox News, sloppy work.

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