CBS News Finally Admits Hunter Biden Laptop is Real, Discrediting CBS News

  • Disgraced CBS News forced to admit they were wrong for over two years about Hunter Biden laptop
  • Media outlet described laptop as “Russian Disinformation” in the past, and said contents “could not be verified.”

  • Now they are verified by CBS News in a process that could have been used two years ago

OUR RATING: Major Journalism Scandal. Even Dan Rather is ashamed.

Indicted Outlet: Lesley Stahl | CBS News | Link | Archive | 10/26/20

In October 2020, Lesley Stahl of CBS News interviewed President Trump for the 60 Minutes program. [1][2: video link to the interview]

Lesley Stahl Reveals Coronavirus Battle on '60 Minutes' - Variety

During that interview, the infamous Hunter Biden laptop came up. [3] Stahl made multiple assertions that the laptop was fake, discredited, and impossible to verify. Stahl’s deflections from the laptop and its contents that highlighted rampant Biden family criminality, were repetitive.

Trump wisely made his own recording of the interview [4], since CBS is notorious for selectively editing its interviews to make interviewees appear to be consenting to statements they did not make. But in Trump’s recording of the interview you can clearly hear Stahl say, off-camera, this important phrase as it related to the media coverage of the laptop:

“All these things have been investigated and discredited.” [5 @3:26][4 @25:02]

But that wasn’t true. It was a lie. These things were not investigated, nor were they discredited. The laptop had not been investigated, and the things on the laptop have never been seriously investigated by the mainstream media.

This week CBS News, 769 days after the NY Post broke the story [6], finally investigated the laptop and their expert found that the laptop [7] showed no evidence of being falsified or otherwise tampered with. [8][9] In March the NYT quietly admitted the laptop was real. [10] A few weeks later, the Washington Post similarly had to begrudgingly admit that the laptop and its contents were probably real. [11] A year and a half [12] of media lying and blackouts changed suddenly when the party line changed to admit the laptop was real. [13]

Lesley Stahl’s employer finally conducted one small part of an investigation into the Hunter Biden Laptop and found that it was not discredited, it was not falsified or otherwise tampered with. 

Stahl lied in 2020. TGP Publisher Jim Hoft outlined Stahl’s lies in March 2022. [14] There’s no hiding or minimizing how serious of a breach of journalistic ethics and credibility this admission finally creates for Stahl, CBS, and for 60 Minutes.

Major Violations:

  • Double Standards

  • Missing Context

  • Misusing a Word

  • Opinion as Fact

  • Fact Suppression

  • Bad Sources

  • Premature Conclusions

  • Lying

  • No Evidence to Support

  • Negligent Ignorance

  • Ignoring the Central Issue

The Hunter Biden laptop was a tremendously important news story. The laptop, and most importantly its contents, revealed years of Biden family lawlessness, corruption, greed, perversion, and more.

In many different ways this story reveals the media’s shameless double standards when it comes to reporting a story. For years the media breathlessly reported the contents of the obviously-fake Steele dossier with no evidence to corroborate it, but have avoided reporting any of the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop even though much of its contents are relatively easy to confirm.

And that is part of the enormous missing context found in most of the reporting by left-wing outlets related to the Hunter Biden laptop, they conspicuously avoid discussing what some of the laptop’s contents show. They focus on the laptop and its chain of custody in order to distract and ignore the central issue: the laptop’s salacious contents. So let’s give a quick little Hunter highlight reel:

Joe Biden Listed as 'Pedo Peter' in Hunter's Phone List! 4Chan Users Leaked Screenshots

Joe, Hunter Biden seen golfing with Ukraine gas company exec back in 2014, photo shows | Fox News

President Biden discloses that he owns TWO shotguns - and adds that his late son Beau owned one | Daily Mail Online

Hunter Biden's Handgun Purchase 4473 Singed and Dated 10-12-18 | PDF

The Hunter Biden laptop story is a glimpse into the reality of the Biden family that the mainstream media never reports on. That the laptop was available and in the media prior to the election is an important part of this story that is easy to miss, since the party line has now shifted in the media into saying that it was impossible to verify its contents in time for the election. The line is switching from “it was all fake” to “we had no way to prove it wasn’t fake.”

The media is misusing a word when they say it was impossible to verify. It’s semantics and wordplay to demand that every fact in every story is verified beyond any doubt as to its accuracy. They didn’t want to verify the laptop and so they didn’t bother, it was what we call negligent ignorance. Reporters and journalists must, daily, make judgment calls on what is and is not accurate with the understanding that sometimes they can be wrong.

If Stahl now wants to complain about her ability to independently verify a laptop, then she should have said it was unproven not that it had been investigated and debunked. She can’t use ignorance as a defense when she previously said that her research found the contents unverifiable. She didn’t just have bad sources, her journalistic crimes go much further than that. There is so much content on the Biden laptop that could be verified, by some reports over 500 gigabytes worth of photos, emails, videos, that people weren’t drawing premature conclusions about the contents, it was clear that there was legitimate criminal activity well-documented on the laptop.

There was no reasonable basis to expect that the Hunter Biden laptop was fake, falsified, disinformation, or not real. The chain of custody of the laptop was well understood, Hunter Biden was an especially notorious playboy and hustler, and many of the details were well-known at the time.

Many of the details of Hunter Biden’s business life came out as a result of Hunter impregnating a stripper and denying paternity so he could escape child support payments. [31] The details of the laptop only serve to confirm what was already well-known: Hunter had a drug and sex problem.

So when a reporter like Stahl and others try to deflect responsibility for the laptop story by saying it was difficult to verify, when they shamelessly repeat disinformation that hurts Trump without a similar concern for facts and standards, it shows double standards and their misuse of the word verification. They had no evidence to support the claim that the laptop failed verification.

Trump Taunts Lesley Stahl of '60 Minutes' After Cutting Off Interview - The New York Times

Stahl and others did not want it to be true, so they assumed the story was discredited. They were substituting their opinions as fact, and they were engaged in suppressing facts. When the mainstream media labels something a conspiracy theory, they are signaling that they are relegating that topic to the alternative media ghetto. They want the topic discussed only by undesirables and said in hushed tones.

The media’s ultimate power is in their ability to control what is thought of as normal and legitimate for political discussion, and they do that by reporting on certain topics while omitting others, but also by aggressively asserting that certain topics are dirty and unclean. Stahl had the audacity to tell the President of the country that he was spinning wild conspiracy theories when Trump complained about the lack of coverage about the ‘laptop from hell.’

During this period of time a Bloomberg reporter thought it was important and relevant to ask Biden what flavor ice cream he was getting. [32]

That one episode summed up the quality of mainstream journalism in the 2020 election: tell any lie about Trump to hurt him, and cover up all the truth about Biden to help him. When all else fails, ask about the vanilla bean.

Biden celebrates Fourth of July as covid risks loom - The Washington Post

Lesley Stahl is front and center at one of the biggest scandals in recent journalism history and she’s busy publishing books about being a grandmother. [33] 

OUR RATING: Major Journalism Scandal. Even Dan Rather is ashamed. 

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